Power Map


30% peak Torque & Power

Tailormade for you

Free vehicle check


Improved Driveability

Reduced C02 emissions

Byproduct fuel savings


ECU Remaps that don't expect you to drive like everyone else

Your remap will be unique to you, your driving style and your vehicle, whether it’s a sharper and more responsive delivery through the rev-range for overtaking or a smooth uptake of torque through the low and mid range for around town. You can always expect a peak torque increase up to 30% though.


Speed factor ECU remap and calibration options are available for non-turbo petrol vehicles, turbocharged petrol vehicles & turbocharged diesel vehicles. Turbo boost pressure is always an important factor with careful input into remapped ignition timing and fuelling that will not affect your vehicle's engine lifespan or reliability.



Your ECU remap will be based on your specific requirements, no stages & no generic packages. Combine with an upgrade to your car's hardware to optimise control & drivability and unlock the full potential of any car. As standard you can expect our ECU remaps to improve driveability, performance and engine efficiency and in some circumstance a fuel economy as a cost effective byproduct.


Free Vehicle Check

You will also benefit from a free vehicle check before , during and after calibration where all engine and transmission parameters are checked and monitored to ensure the optimum solution without compromising reliability and efficiency.



All of our software comes with a 30 Day full money back guarantee, a lifetime software warranty.




Booking your vehicle for a tailormade ECU remap is simple.


You can choose a mobile service or visit one of our partner garages.


Our mobile service is available within a 60 mile radius. We operate usual business hours and if booked in advance; evenings and weekends.


Complete the form telling us about you and your car. We will contact you to book you in at your convenience.


Alternatively, call us on 01792 201987.