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Mercedes, BMW, Land Rover & more. (MED17 & ECD17) OBD remaps now available.



ECO MAP £350.00

Beat the unpredictability of fuel prices with an economy remap. Tailored to you so expect to see a 20% return on your fuel bills. You can include this as a stand alone option or integrate it with other remap tuning options.

As standard, this remap will improve your car's driveability, performance and engine efficiency.


Tailored to you, whether it’s a more responsive delivery through the rev-range or a smooth uptake of torque through the low and mid ranges, levelling out at high range. Expect a customised remap and torque increase of up to 30%.

This remap will improve driveability, performance and engine efficiency and depending on driving style, as a bonus; fuel economy will improve.


Do you have a faulty remap or excessive smoke? We can help you correct this problem by restoring your ECU to its original parameters or by writing a map that will deliver what you had hoped for in the first place.

This will improve driveability, performance and engine efficiency and in some circumstances fuel economy will improve as a cost effective byproduct.


Bug free Swiss OBD & BDM Technology

Bosch Motorsport Certification

3 month money back guarantee & Lifetime software guarantee

Up to 30% more Torque

Up to 20% more Fuel Efficiency

Rolling Road Developed & Road Tested